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Exclusive: Early Christian Lead Codices Now Called Fakes
Natalie Wolchover, Life's Little Mysteries Staff Writer
Date: 11 April 2011 Time: 02:00 PM ET
Seventy metal books allegedly discovered in a cave in Jordan have been hailed as the earliest Christian documents. Dating them to mere decades after Jesus' death, scholars have called the "lead codices" the most important discovery in archaeological history, and leading media outlets have added fuel to the fire surrounding the books in recent … [More]

If you'd examine the people who signed the petition expressing reservations on Pope John Paul II's Beatification you'd more than likely find a group of Catholics who are pro-gay, pro-birth control/abortion along with a laundry list of other heresies this group more than likely clings to. It is not difficult to figure the type of individuals who would sign on to a list such as this.

Beatification Put Into Question [More]