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I personally think that should allow for people to evaluate a posting and delete it if the person does not want that posting to appear.

Being Catholic makes me happy to spread the love that we all can share. Thanks Gloria tv for giving us this format!

A personal attack is committed when a person substitutes abusive remarks for evidence when attacking another person's claim or claims. This line of "reasoning" is fallacious because the attack is directed at the person making the claim and not the claim itself. The truth value of a claim is independent of the person making the claim. After all, no matter how repugnant an individual might be, he or she can still make true claims.…/personal-attack…
As can be readily seen, there … [More]

Play nice. No personal attacks.

An upstanding Orthodox Jew was disturbed by his son's lack of religious devotion, so he sent the son to study in Jerusalem. Upon returning, the son informed his father that he had become a Catholic. The man was very upset and went to consult the chief Rabbi.
"Rabbi, I sent my son to Jerusalem to become a better Jew and he turned into a Catholic!" the devasted father cried, "What am I going to do!?"
The Rabbi said sympathetically, "I know how you feel. The same thing happened to … [More]

Thank you Gloria tv for removing the debasing comment made about me
A brief 1hour and 18 minutes later, the same individual who made the above comment writes:
I just think it's better not to dwell on who hurt who constantly. It is counterproductive to the site.
It would have been better and certainly more consistent if that individual had made no further comment regarding the alleged “debasing ” post and simply let it go. That comment had already been removed anyway so what's the point other … [More]

Yes, who was that? Play nice, no personal attacks.

Keep up the great work. The news briefs are very interesting and the jokes make me laugh out loud.
However, I do miss seeing your smiling face every morning.

Doina, I really like how your doing the NEWS Briefs now! Great idea!

I just think it's better not to dwell on who hurt who constantly. It is counterproductive to the site.
I would agree with the above statement. However, who was it, this very day, who made the comment quoted below proving that they are the individuals who are choosing to DWELL ON WHO HURT WHO.
Amazingly, these same individuals will freely give adivce to others to do what they say to do and not do what they themselves actually do?
on 28/07/2011 11:00:13
Thank you Gloria tv for removing the debasing comment made about me ...

Oh my Doina...Italian Mothers use to take out the ole "wooden spoon" for bad got a Spoon?

No I'm not I just think it's better not to dwell on who hurt who constantly. It is counterproductive to the site. People do not have to agree on things and it is a good thing to expose bad practices in the Church to inform those who may not be aware of the teachings of the Church.

Where is the "personal attack."
You are not the person/s guilty of:
lament[ing] on and on about others who have offended (trespassed against) them but they ignore and refuse to acknowledge the hurt, the ad hominems , the baiting, and the antagonistic remarks (trespasses) that they have made to others at this site.
Are you?

Be nice. No personal attacks please.

Who was being "attack[ed]" in my post?
It couldn 't have been you that I was referring to, Mr. Charming.

Be nice. No personal attacks please.

Dear Doina,
I find it amazing that there are individuals who will lament on and on about others who have offended (trespassed against) them but they ignore and refuse to acknowledge the hurt, the ad hominems , the baiting, and the antagonistic remarks (trespasses) that they have made to others at this site. For these types, it's all about themselves and their precious opinions and they could care less about anyone else.

Thank you Gloria tv for removing the debasing comment made about me under the "play nice" posting.

I ask the Gloria tv staff to please delete Gregory's posting of slander against me for it is in direct violation of the "play nice" policy. Members are not supposed to be able to attack individuals and bear false witness against individuals and his posting does just that. This posting of his cannot be tolerated or it opens the door for any member to post exactly as Gregory has under this posting and personally defile and debase other members with boldfaced lies. Thank you.

The Lourdes chat board had to be shut down for the reasons that Doina specified. People were using that chat board to condemn each other and gossip. Our Lady is not pleased with arguments

"Play nice" is very good but much better would be "Don't be a Criminal"
I have the impression we want to play nice on the English section but we do not want to see what happen to the people on the others.
People on Gloria are insulted, offended, mobbed, sexual molested, in mails persecuted even threatened. I saw many people who went away saying "This is not a Catholic Forum". I could write a book about it.
I have just reported a serious crime. Gloria please do not ignore that!
My second impress… [More]

Oh, poor Doina! SO many "Boxing gloves" out here! Twilight ZONE!!

I ask Gregory's posting be deleted here. It is a personal attack against me and exactly what this "play nice" posting is telling members of Gloria tv NOT TO DO. Please delete Gregory's personal slander against me. Thank you.

Maybe it would be better for certain individuals to cancel their account! Good suggestion!

Well, it certainly has gotten worse lately in the years I have been here!
I do not remember it this bad! How sad. People need to accept truth rather than pounce on those who are trying to get the true FACTS! Better to have it out in the open than to try and cover evil up because of "possible" errors or mistakes or not "Reasearching" enough before posting. I can name names (and I will refrain from doing so) HERE, who have private messaged me about a certain poster who as they believed was a " [More]

SBpfu - Agreed. However, let us never be affraid of wrestling towards a better understanding of the Truth; ask questions, debate, discuss. However, keep in mind the best of the evangelical values and hold Holy Mother Church as the authority in matters of Faith and Doctrine.
Have I understood you correctly?

@SBpfu & @Cannoli Happy 39+

Thank you for the kind birthday wishes, Ira.
In case you're wondering, I'll be 39 on the 15th. Not really but I say that every year anyway. Most people who know me tell me I think/act like I'm 16.

@cannoli: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON THE 15th--
My best wishes ahead of time. in case I forget... All my best

Saint Benedict, pray for us@I wish they would appoint YOU as moderator of this page... In all sincerity, I do not know who is...I have asked Don Reto to change the way videos are featured on this page--the way the Spanish Language page has it set up is better! There, EVERYTHING gets featured--it is in constant motion, BUT the moderator does have the right not to feature offensive videos, (i.e. not place them on the opening page). I believe that that is why the quality is superior, AND MORE PEOPLE get a chance to SHARE... Don Reto, I hope you will reconsider....

@ACL:"humility and good ethics"...sadly missing...(vulgarity is more popular...)

"I imagine keeping one's opinion--one's mere opinion--to oneself is totally necessary, especially where the majority of us have no authority whatsoever to pronounce upon the Church, least of all in public."
I rather think you need to qualify this somewhat. If the search for truth is indeed that, a 'search', one does need to struggle with ones ideas etc. The best way to arrive at some understanding of the truth is in discussion.
However, this means that the discussion needs to be civilis… [More]

And, Gregory, thank you for your kind words, as always... I did not see the post that slanders me but, sometimes,"ignorance is a bliss"... As a priest once told me, always be happy in the JOY OF THE LORD... Whatever I upload, I do it mainly for and to spread the word of the Lord-but, as always, the devil is everywhere...Don Reto, please, your blessing

@SBpfu, THANK YOU SO MUCH: "shabby treatment of priests", innuendos, racism, constant attacks--SO TRUE! Many people have written to me in private, telling me that they no longer want to participate in the English forum, due to "witch hunts", meanness, etc... But, all this I had communicated to Don Reto, A LONG TIME AGO...

Dear Doina,
As you most certainly know, not all people share the same opinion...sadly to say even about the faith. And you have been most charitable and patient (maybe too patient) with running this great website. Certainly, we are most appreciative of all your hard work and dedication. And while there be some who do not share the same beliefs and views, we should all strive for the TRUTH in all things!

polemicas in caritas salutaris sunt
Doinao Gratias.
(pseudolingua latina)

Thank God!! About time Gloria TV!! this is what needed to be said AND done!!
Maria :)

Simply saying “thank you” for everything you do for us doesn't seem to be enough. I will make a substantial donation to on August 15, the Feast of the Assumption and my birthday.

@Adrien: YES! The Administrators need to DAILY check for abuses on ALL the different language pages--(actually, the Spanish language page is GREAT as of lately)...

Amen amen! yes , could you also make a French version of this announcement? its pretty crazy there, videos and comments....PAX

Amen!Lord have mercy.....( a good practice maybe is usually try to send private messages when there are large irritating disagreements.., instead of 'uncharitable ebating'in the comment box), to avoid and confusion or maybe scandalous misunderstandings.

Good news. It would be nice if the moderation will also concern the french commentators not only the english and the german.
I am watching mostly the english and the french part of, I can say that the french part is a real jungle. And btw there is the problem of the vids promoting the acceptance of the occult, I don't think they have their place here.
Thank you.