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Gracias ahora nos vamos a llamar los cazadores de la Santidad Que San Martin Caballero nos preste la mitad de su capa y nos cubra toda desnudez producto de la concupicencia de la carne para triunfar sobre el pecado

De mi hija y de mi parte

Ha sido muy interesante el relato explicado con las viñetas visionando.
Después me ha encantado conocer la Básilica de San Martín y el museo con todas las documentaciones relacionadas con el santo.
Sin olvidar vuestra imagen que es encantadora.
para las dos y otro para el reportero


The carnival season in Germany (also called the "Fifth Season") officially begins on November 11th, at 11:11 a.m.
In this magic hour, the "Council of Eleven" comes together to plan the events for the upcoming festivities. The official hats of the councils' members: Colorful fool's caps with little bells.


St. Martin of Tours and Armistice Day (November 11)
It is odd that Armistice Day falls on the feast of a soldier who was brave enough, but refused to go out to kill. The emperor gave orders that he was to be forced into battle at sword's point, and Martin prayed all night in his cell. Before battle the next morning, the enemy surrendered and there was no need for a fight. This seems to mean only one thing: if we prayed enough we could end the wars. Our Lady said so at Fatima. He is the St. … [More]

The Musée Saint-Martin, opened in 1990, was created by the City of Tours and the Amis des sites martiniens to house the principal archeological remains of the successive basilicas built on the site of the tomb of the third Bishop of Tours (371-397). It is housed in the former chapel of Saint-Jean (13th century) next to the basilica's cloister. This chapel, which replaced a baptistery founded by Grégoire de Tours, has housed the relics of St Martin on a number of occasions. The museum forms … [More]

Saint Martin de Tours, aussi nommé Martin le Miséricordieux (né à Sabaria (ou Savaria) de Pannonie, aujourd'hui Szombathely dans l’actuelle Hongrie, en 316 ou en 317 † à Candes le 8 novembre 397, est un des principaux saints de la chrétienté. Saint Martin est le patron de plusieurs lieux : Tours, Buenos Aires, Mayence, Utrecht et Lucques, Martina Franca. Sa vie nous est essentiellement connue par la Vie de Martin de Sulpice-Sévère. Saint Martin est fêté le 11 novembre (funérailles en 397) et … [More]

11/11/2011 Text in French, audio in Spanish, includes some photos of our visit to Tours, France, 2009. Saint Martin of Tours (Latin: Sanctus Martinus Turonensis; 316 – November 8, 397) was a Bishop of Tours, whose shrine became a famous stopping-point for pilgrims on the road to Santiago de Compostela. Around his name, much legendary material accrued, and he has become one of the most familiar and recognizable Christian saints. He is considered a spiritual bridge across Europe, given his … [More]


San Martín Caballero, 11 de noviembre, texto en francés, audio en español, incluyo algunas fotos de nuestra visita a Tours, Francia, en 2009.