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So beautiful and full of peace. Thank you for this wonderful trip. You are a blessing, Irapuato

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The Abbaye Notre-Dame de Sénanque is a lovely medieval Cistercian abbey that is one of the best places to see Provence's famed lavender fields. Founded in 1148 and once again populated by Cistercian monks, the peaceful abbey welcomes visitors and provides overnight retreats.
Located in a wild valley just north of Gordes, the monastery was founded in 1148 when the lords of the area donated the land for a monastery. It was populated by a group of twelve Cistercian monks from the Abbey … [More]

Follow the beautiful lavender fields down the valley and you will find the Sénanque Abbey.
This quiet abbey was built in the 12th century near Gordes, France.
As per the rule, the Sénanque Abbey is an unadorned building to avoid distractions.
Even so, the abbey has a clean and humble beauty that is appealing to many.
More beauty can be found in the peaceful, natural settings surrounding the building. There is still a group of monks making their home here, and they welcome visitors. Additionally, those seeking spiritual rest can schedule a longer stay at the Sénanque Abbey.