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Hi! To all of you I am glad you liked the news. I must say my favorite one is the first one
@Cannoli, yes I know how to make pasta melanzane

Some good news today. It is encouraging. Go Rick Santorum!

Johnny.. "I got the charm"...he sure does!!! One of a kind.
Best pizza in all Atlanta! Everything imported from Italia and they have one of Only three ovens like that in all USA.

That's true about the eggplant...we always either salted it or had it sit for awhile in salted water and patting dry before cooking it. Nothing like Italian food!

Thank you Lucia...great job with the news!

Cooking, eh?
I recently enjoyed some home-cooked pasta melanzane which is a perfect meatless dish for lent. Although I don't know exactly how it was made, spreading (real) salt over the melanzane and
patting dry with paper towels is important to remove the water/bitterness from the vegetable. I have been told that smaller size eggplants are preferable since they are not as bitter as the larger ones.
Thanks for the news, Lucia. p.s. Do you know how to make pasta melanzane?