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Tantum Ergo and Benediction with the Sanctissimum on Corpus Christi with Pope Francis 26 May 2016 HD

catholicsat on May 26, 2016 Chanting of the Tantum Ergo, followed by Benediction with the Most Blessed Sacrament, at the Conclusion of the Eucharistic Procession on the Solemnity of Corpus Christi, the Body and Blood of Christ, from Rome, led by …
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Whaouuuuuuuu Jesus we adore YOUUUUUUU for ever
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L. Cardinal Ciappi

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On March 17, 1990 Cardinal Oddi, who was a personal friend of Pope John XXIII and who had spoken to him regarding the Secret, gave the following testimony to Italian journalist Lucio Brunelli in the journal Il Sabato: "It [the Third Secret] has noth…
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Accepting secularism and socialistic doctrines by some clergy in the church ,it will lead to confusion and paganism ,
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Regilded archangel back atop France's Mont Saint-Michel

askanews on May 26, 2016. The gilded Archangel Michael, resplendent after an expensive 10-week facelift, was airlifted on Thursday back to the top of the historic abbey on the French island of Mont Saint-Michel. Dozens of tourists cheered as enginee…
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Gloria.TV News on the 27th of May 2016

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Ghostwriter: According to Sandro Magister the ghostwriter of Amoris Laetia is the Argentinean Archbishop Victor Manuel Fernández. Magister found startling resemblances between the document and two texts from ten years ago by Fernández. The …
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@,Jaimemn: You are right that the consecration of Russia never occurred. But this seems not to be a problem for Russia but for those to whom the … [More]
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Watch their minds change on abortion

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If you had only four minutes to try to change someone's mind about abortion, what would you do? Live Action took this challenge — and our new Abortion Procedures videos — to the streets, and the results were staggering. Watch the videos that are …
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Pange Lingua Gloriosi - Catholic Hymns, Gregorian Chant

This extraordinary Eucharistic hymn, by the great St. Thomas Aquinas, is a fan favourite among the faithful. This version regretably leaves out the second verse. The recording is from the CD illuminations, compiled by Dan Gibson. the Latin text and …
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The origin of Corpus Christi

CNA on Jul 4, 2014 Here in the beautiful Umbrian countryside, in the town of Orvieto, the feast of Corpus Christi was born 750 years ago
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