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"misguided ones?"
There are no words foul enough to characterize these spawns of Satan and these enemies of the Lord and Giver of life.
These swine know what they are doing in the same way that the Jewish leaders of the 1st century knew it was the Christ they were crucifying.
They are indeed loathsome, filthy, malignant, abominable, odious, abhorrent, vile, subhuman trash.
If you or any of the neo-Catholic/civilization of love Illuminati want to refer to them sweetly as "misguided ones" then you are nearly as misguided as they are.

We can't be pro-life and be referring to those misguided ones in opposition to us as 'subhuman'. That's a contradiction to the essential view the prolife movement is promoting. (Other words of disappointment and disdain for their foul behavior may be entirely appropriate, however!)

The foul language is always a prerequisite to being a liberal. I have never seen such vile hatred. It is just heartbreaking to see Americans wanting to do evil and hating good. Satan is alive and well. Matthew 12:30
So,pro life is wrong?And you are the people that protested the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? You don't mind killing a child because it's convient.But cry over a well armed,highly trained adult who dies on the … [More]