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Thank you, Lord, for the gift of such beautiful music touching our hearts and souls, such as this rendition of The Lord's Prayer by Marcelino Champagnat.
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Absolutely Fantastic! I have listened to this many times and keep coming back for more.
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The Choir is The Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
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This is magnificent. Who are the choir does anyone know? I cannot stop listening to it
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wunderschön vielen Dank und gesegnete Tage im Advent
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Bocelli, como sempre, nos brindando com a excelência de sua imensa voz, e, seu fantástico repertório. DEUS o abençoe, e a todos os seus filhos de Maria.
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Please keep Amazing Grace I listen to Thhe Lord"s Prayer every day plus I like this Amazing Grace also Thank you and God Bless

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I think this video is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! I showed it to my grandson's CCD class last night and they thought it was really cool. Then I went to my Bible Study group and we used it as our closing prayer. Andrea Bocelli's voice is truly amazing!
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I listen evey day I stopped for a few days because my mind started wondering. But I am back again and love it more

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wunderschön, vielen Dank für das Hochladen

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Heavenly. Sung by earthly beings. A prayer of grace and love. Melbourne, Australia.

At least five times a week God bless

At least five times a week. God bless

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El Padrenuestro por los fallecidos en la tragedia de Galicia y todos sus familiares y amigos. [Más]

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