J G Tasan
It’s all about ‘self-glorification’!

‘Vanity of vanities; and all is vanity’ – Ecclesiastes 1: 2
old school
Happy clappy church of satan
Sickening. And what is worse is all the people clapping and encouraging his antics. The priest and the people deserve each other
Braze ill
This is why we are in a chastisement.
People need to realize you watch videos like this now, and in next couple of years you have a corona virus. I’m glad churches like this are closed now...if they continue to open Ike this, we most like will have an even worse chastisement...
De Profundis
Church became a madhouse.
Look at me! Look how well I can dance! My back is to the tabernacle but that's ok because the congregation love me. Look at them clap.

The V2 mass is man-centered while pre V2 Mass is God-centered. In my humble opinion the two are two completely different religions. Once we realize this, the obvious is not so shocking, it's pathetic.

Pray for this priest.