Document Leaked: Germans Justify Protestant Communion With Francis and Amoris Laetitia

Protestant Communion will be "allowed" in Germany in the name of a „living tradition" of Catholic theology. The German weekly Tagespost (May 2) has seen the yet unpublished document of the Germ…
@Jungerheld - yes i am talking about Cardinal Marx, not the pope.
THese cardinals are deceiving and hurting people they should be ashamed of themselves
Lisi Sterndorfer
Our bishops have lost the plot? They are constantly plotting - against God and his Law
Holy Cannoli
Some folks need a good beating.
@oppositeman are you referring to opportunist Cardinal Marx doing an about face? Because it seems Francis has consistently been "full steam ahead," running us all off a cliff!
I think the reason he has done an about face is he has fallen to the lies of the enemy, alone with other German Bishops. He may have become "full of himself" as he climbed the latter of clerical success; taking up time and neglecting his prayer life - just speculation on my part.