Muslim Migrants Misbehaving

Let me say from the outset that I detest liars and deceivers, particularly
individuals who identify themselves as true patriots and loyal Catholics.
The above video shows an argument between a group of 'crystal meth'
users in Prague. No muslims or migrants were involved in the robbery.
Sadly, various videos are being used to propagate lies and falsehoods.

Bl. Maria Teresa Fasce, Sts. Prisca of Rome and Margaret of Hungary-January 18

Dr. Hany Unfortunately, because of the earthquake, the live transmission of the 70th Anniversary of Blessed Maria Teresa Fasce's death was cancelled, in Cascia...

Magnificat Art Essay: The Virgin with Child appearing to St Francis de Sales by Carlo Maratta (…

Drawing from Scripture and the Fathers of the Church to explain Catholic doctrine carefully, his persuasiveness caused 72,000 Protestants to return to the ancient Faith.
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Magnificat Art Essay: The Virgin with Child appearing to St Francis de Sales by Carlo Maratta (…

A spiritual crisis relieved by the Blessed Virgin Mary
In 1584, when Francis was seventeen and studying in Paris, he threw himself into a theological discourse about predestination. It had a huge impact on his life, dominating his conscience for two years, plaguing his soul, and causing him to be bedridden. The devil persuaded him that all the good things he had done in life were in vain. He was convinced that he was going to hell, and nothing could assuage his tormented conscience. … [More]

Catholic Sisters at the Women's March on Washington

Did we see these sisters marching for Life? Marching against the murders of abortionists? Against the scandalous selling of body parts of killed babies by Planned Parenthood? oh..I think we didn´t. Because these are sisters of a new religion...
One could just judge by seeing how they are clothed..

Scandal, scandal, scandal!!!
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Catholic Sisters at the Women's March on Washington

i can see, true american catholics, have not even resist against the free churches , they also have to resist against catholics that go the wrong way

Traditional Latin Mass for 25th Anniversary of Pro Missa Tridentina 25 April 2015

Very beautiful Traditional Catholic Mass,completely,substantially and esentially different of the current Protestant mass that after the Second Vatican is being " celebrated" ,this is what the Catholic faithful has lost supplanted for a non Catholic new liturgy,ambiguous,liberal and modernist one that only make happy to the heretics and to satan and that is conducting us to go away from Our Lord Jesus Christ,away from the One and only true Church, is conducting to Catholic to Apostasy and to … [More]

Daily Bible Reading 24 January 2017 of Catholic Mass

Tuesday of the Third week in Ordinary Time

Letter to the Hebrews 10:1-10.

Brothers and sisters, since the law has only a shadow of the good things to come, and not the very image of them, it can never make perfect those who come to worship by the same sacrifices that they offer continually each year.
Otherwise, would not the sacrifices have ceased to be offered, since the worshipers, once cleansed, would no longer have had any consciousness of sins?
But in those sacrifices there is … [More]

Catholic Sisters at the Women's March on Washington

Just look at their age and you know everything
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NOVENA to DON BOSCO (January 22 - 31)

3rd Day (January 24) - Loyalty to the Church and to the Pope NOVENA to DON BOSCO (January 22 - 31)

O Saint John Bosco, you nurtured a filial love for the Church and the Pope, and you courageously spoke and wrote in their defense. Pray for us that, inspired by your example, we may be faithful sons and daughters of Holy Mother Church, and may likewise love and honor the Holy Father as the Vicar of Jesus Christ on earth.
Through your intercession may God grant me the following grace.. … [More]

Bergoglio se jacta de su herejía promoviendo la religión mundial (Catholic Media Ministry)

Francis promoting a false ecumenism,diabolic ecumenism which is coming from his philosophy and theology completely impregnated of liberalism and modernis,the synthesis of all heresies as taught by the holy ad true pope St. Pius X, in consequence , teaching against Our Lord Jesus Christ,against his Gospel and against the perennial Magisterium of the Holy ,Apostolic and Roman Church. Shame on Him !!!!

Catholic Sisters at the Women's March on Washington

These sisters are not wearing their vile . Where is their respect for their founders?
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Pius IX: "If a future pope teaches anything contrary to the Catholic Faith, do not follow him."

Pope Francis is the pope. Anything he states outside of the Magisterium of the Church based on Scripture and Tradition is nothing more than opinion, and we are NOT obligated to follow it. We also have an obligation to challenge erroneous statement(s) by any pope since we are the Church Militant and part of the Mystical Body of Christ.

Gloria.TV attacks!

zoom in and look closely at the logo...