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Amidst the Mystery ~chant from the desert

Hi, I am glad you have not deleted it! I too, am a religious hermit, and I find it spiritually wonderful to see others living the life I do. I live my eremitical life alone, and in a city of all places. I would very much like to live secluded but am where God has placed me and where the Archdiocese wants me. There are no other hermits in my city. No hermit I can ask questions of etc. I am a new hermit, so perhaps you may understand why, but am at least blessed in having a wonderful spiritual … [More]

Twin friars pass away on same day

Together on earth, together in Eternity. Beautiful story and life. Thanks for this. I wonder how many other twins there are in the Catholic Church serving God. What beautiful souls.

An Act of Contrition (Revised)

Hi Christopher, you always do a first class job. Truly spiritually inspiring and loved filled for our Lord and souls. God bless you and keep up the Good work! My prayers are always with you. Sr. Carol Raffaela

The Baptism of Jesus

What a beautiful photo of our Beloved Lord's Baptism at the hands of St John the Baptist! Thank you so much!

The Nativity

Move over Stephen Spielberg!!! Christopher, you seem to go from strength to strength and outdoing yourself with each new video! You have a true gift. I love it, the latin, subtitles, and singing. WOW. That's such a small word for something so simply magnificent. Congratulations. Please do not ever stop this work of yours. Deo Gratias and God bless you with His Infinite, Loving Will.

Baby Survives After Being Hit By Train

Please pray for the mother who is still shaken, days afterwards. But I am so pleased to see this clip on this site. This little child was most definitely saved by our Lord's hands! And quite a few angels! How that child ever survived!!! What more proof do we need of Divine Intervention!

Ascent to Carmel - St John of the Cross - Chps 1-2 On a dark night

Hi Santa, I am glad that you like the audio of St John of the Cross, but I am afraid I must not take credit for it. It isn't me reading! I can only read Italian, as I have two mother tongues so to speak, English and Italian. Fortunately for me, understanding Italian means that I can understand Spanish too. Deo Gratias that you love it. And please, do not say that you are stupid (although I say this of myself!). It just meant the timing was wrong. How many times I have read something and have … [More]

The Light of Christ's Cross piercing the darkness, Sydney's Dust Storm 2009

Hi, the name is St Andrews Anglican Church, Chiswick. I am just grateful for the beautiful Cross that lights up every night. It has sustained me through many a dark hour, and this time it seemed it wanted to prove the point even more. I remember once that some people came up and did a walk around my suburb to get people to go to their church and though I said that I was catholic, I thanked them for that Cross and told them my personal story and the encouragement that Cross gave me every night … [More]

St. Teresa of Avila and Jesus

Many blessings to you for this magnificient piece of work. If only more souls could see this and understand how precious our souls are, because in each our Lord dwells. Thank you for sharing your love of God with us via St Teresa's works.

The Story of St Therese of Lisieux

Simplicity. A virtue and sign of true humility and likeness with our God. Thank you so much for revealing the simplicity that dwelt in this beloved saint, so visible not only in her words, but in her pure, angelic like eyes that reveal the depths of her soul. A soul in union with our Beloved Lord and God.

Prayer to the Most Holy Name of Jesus

OUTSTANDING! Congratulations again for showing great love for our beloved Lord's Holy Name. These videos issue peace and love, (and Greensleeves, love this music). God bless you and keep up the good work Christopher Maria.

Exaltation of the Cross

Dear Fr. Bucci, thank you for introducing here on Gloria tv Luisa's Piccarreta's writings of The Divine Will! May our Lord bless you with His Will. The Cross of our Lord is the sublimity of love of His Divine Will in action. Deo Gratias. Grazie, Padre Bucci!

Ave Maris Stella

Congratulations again Christopher Maria, a most
moving and prayerful Ave Maria Stella. I have no words for it, other than I hope to download it in future to share with my diocesan hermit friend, of who's rank I hope to join in a few months. Simply, WOW! May our Lady bless your holy work a thousand fold.

The 13th day

Ignatius Press is taking orders now on their web site. I have already put my order in though I live in Australia and cannot wait to see it! We need more religious movies. Let us hope more will be made, there are so many inspiring stories out there and I love anything that brings us closer to God and our Lady, and not for entertainment purposes only, otherwise we will be guilty of the same sins of our ancestors, of having eyes but not seen etc.


Mille Grazie (a thousand thank you's!). It is the first time I have heard this great saint's voice. So beautiful, humble and full of God's Light, love and sorrows. His life a great reparation for his brothers.
Translation of above: E' la prima volta che ho sentito la voce di questo grande santo. E' cosi bella, umile e piena della Luce, amore e dolore del Signore. La sua vita, una grande riparazione per i suoi fratelli.

Thou Prince of All Ages

This is truly awe inspiring. Congratulations to the Sisters for a giving our Lord the praise He truly deserves by their prayerful voices of love and heart.

Angelus Domini

Majestically simple and purifyingly beautiful, and inspiring.

He Is Risen!

Truly beautiful and inspiring. It has the power to tug at the heart strings of love, love for our Lord. Deo Gratias, Fiat!