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St. Eugene de Mazenod- May 21

shalom-peace on May 21 2014. Saint Eugene de Mazenod Also known as Charles Joseph Eugene de Mazenod Memorial 21 May Profile Eldest son of Charles-Antoine De Mazenod and Marie-Rose Joannis. His mother was of the French middle class, convent educa…
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Posted by VOICEOFTHESHEEPBLOG on MAY 17, 2016 On May 7th 2016, his Excellency Card. Raymond Burke told us about the troubled parts of amoris Laetita and I quote: "We are all tempted to engage in such WORLDLY ways of thought. It is my hope today to …
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Introitus: Spiritus Domini

gp#167 The aim of the Graduale project is to record all of the chants contained in the current Graduale Romanum / Graduale Triplex - see for description. If you would like to encourage me to continue this work, please commen…
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YES, this ia wonderful! please do continue, thank you!
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