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C'est e-mail du bulletin que j'écris que j'ai sonné "en pensant avec l'esprit" bienvenus avec ses apports, des questions
Esta es la dirección del boletín que escribo que he llamado
"pensando con el espíritu"
bienvenidos con sus aportaciones, preguntas
This one is the e-mailof the bulletin that I write that I have called " thinking with the spirit " welcome with your contributions, questions Dieser ist der e-mailof die Nachricht, dass ich schreibe, dass ich " Denken mit dem Geist " willkommen mit Ihren Beiträgen, Fragen gerufen


Newly i has concluded my workshop of prayer and life and I have proposed to return to publish a bulletin that I created it does a couple of years and that I stopped publishing the end of the bulletin is to take hope, to transmit the word with a principal different topic in every edition the addressees are all those that mislead the hope between the noise, the routine and the news of the diaries I look now for the support of whom of you God wants to collaborate with some article thank you
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i need you

Por el bien de muchos


Ora por ellos

Un grupo de profesionales que en un marco científico y espiritual dedican sus vidas a algo más que el desempeño profesional

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