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The Beatific Vision and Freedom of Choice

Excerpt from Chapter 13 of Frank J. Sheed's book "Theology & Sanity" (1947) For angels and men the only purpose could be the most perfect possible relation with God. Had we no revelation from God Himself as to the purpose for which He made them, we …


Of God, Angels and Men

Excerpt from Chapter 6 of "Essays on catholicism, liberalism and socialism" by Juan Donoso Cortés (1874) Before the creation of man, and in times removed beyond human investigations, God had created the angels, happy and perfect creatures, whom He …


Practicing Charity towards Others

This video you have made contains so many pearls of holy wisdom, which are so reasonably and attractively presented, that if only a few were heeded, what good might be wrought in this ailing world! I hope and pray for the widest possible circulation of your video, and thank you for composing this masterpiece!!
God Bless +++


3 Hail Marys

"One of the greatest means of salvation, and one of the surest signs of predestination, is, unquestionably, the devotion to the Most Blessed Virgin. All the holy doctors of the Church are unanimous in saying with St. Alphonsus of Liguori: "A devout …


Saint Christopher

Thank you Barbara! I wish I could say that I composed this wonderful poem, but that credit belongs to one Mr Silas Mitchell, although that is my voice reciting the poem (pardon my South-Boston accent). I do hope to continue working on more videos as time permits.

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Saint Christopher

According to the Traditional Catholic Calendar, the Feast to St Christopher is still kept on July 25th, alongside the Feast of St James the Greater. He is known as the patron saint of travelers (especially mariners), and to offer protection against …


Jam Lucis

An ancient hymn that is still sung in the morning at the canonical hour of Prime in certain traditional religious orders. Performed by the Daughters of Mary, Mother of our Savior, in Round Top, NY.



Such a profound difference! Music that is suitable for Mass should, as you mention, be solemn and dignified, as befits the sacred mysteries, and not something merely conventional or secular, with a catchy tune. The Gregorian Chant you play seems to raise the mind to a meditative posture that aids in reflecting on the words. The music is unpretentious, serving almost like a back current that calms, rather than excites the listener, inviting a more mystical understanding of what is being chanted.… [More]