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Ex Jewish - Ex Protestant - Now Catholic forever

She was JEWISH, accepted the Lord Jesus as the Messiah and converted to "Evangelical" Protestantism, then the Lord Jesus introduced to her His True Church, the Catholic and Apostolic. "I LOVE BEING CATHOLIC!" In the following link you can listen to …
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Napro Technology - A Major Breakthrough in fertility care

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NaProTECHNOLOGY - A Major Breakthrough In Monitoring and Maintaining a Woman's Reproductive and Gynecological Health US Europe
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Holy Cannoli
@Patrick Ross VHI The request to remove your comment made at 15:02 is something, even in my brief history at, that I don't ever remember … [Altro]
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If Not You, Who?

Why is FOCUS around? What is it like to be a FOCUS missionary? This video explains our purpose and the need to evangelize our culture.
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