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In Honor of Fr. James Flanagan, SOLT

Uncle Joe,
I believe that somehow, according to God's will, our prayers can affect the past. For example, in the Extraordinary Form, after the Our Father, the priest prays that God will deliver us from all evil "past, present, and future." That is a most interesting prayer.

In Honor of Fr. James Flanagan, SOLT

I get your point, Abramo. Maybe we could look at it this way: In the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, the priest makes the sign of the cross over the Consecrated Host several times. Even though the Host is already consecrated, and the "blessing" of the priest can add nothing to it, it is still done. Or perhaps we could look at it another way: the things of God transcend time. So when a priest blesses the body of a Saint, perhaps the blessing can touch the life of that saint in the past, … [Plus]

Metalhead priest and his 'Sinners' bandmates are big pope fans

I have a problem with what the priest says here: "I am a musician who happens to be a priest." That's just wrong. I myself had been a drummer in a rock band for years. And sometimes I play the drums even now. But priesthood is 100% of my life. Drumming is 0.0000000000000001% of my life.
No. He is a priest, who should happen to play music on occasion. As for the particular music he is playing, that is yet another question.