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True Presence of Christ in the Eucharist-Live on TV

5 5.3k
On 7 November 1999 a solemn Mass was held at the Basilica in Lourdes and broadcast live on French television. At the moment of the "epiclesis", that is, when the priest extends his hands and invokes the Holy Spirit, the phenomenon is evident. So …
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The picture is much too blurred to tell if there is something unnatural going on. Wishful thinking!?!
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Miracles of MEDJUGORJE - Two

This is Mirjana from Medjugorje the one chosen by the Virgin Mary to tell the world about the 10 secrets through a priest. Here she is having the usual apparition on the 2nd day of the month in front of thousands of pilgrims. Please note that DURING…
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Miracles of MEDJUGORJE - One

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Medjugorje is the "lung of the world"...just watch this famous lady's testimony about her conversion and be inspired by the amazing Love that the Lord has for us. DOUBT NO MORE BUT BELIEVE...
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Thank for your testimony, You are nice inside and outside, please continue, be proud .... [More]
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This is a faithful representation of the Gospel of St John. From the beginning till the end, the actor portrays a fenomenal figure of Jesus and, therefore I would recommend you to watch it more then once. Praise be Jesus Christ. Please obtain the …
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Marino Restrepo-Apostle of Christ-Part ONE

Marino Restrepo was a very successful man but faraway from God's love, till in the midst of a trial, in 1997 he was rescued by the Love that God has for all of us. The Lord bestowed on him the gift of "infused science" and since then he has been …
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