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Bl Mother Theresa and Marian Consecration

Fr. Michael Gaitley discusses why Bl Mother Theresa is a worthy giant to include in preparation for Marian Consecration. His book "33 Days to Morning Glory" is a beautiful way to either renew your consecration or to do it for the first time! allhear…


Mary is Recruiting for Her Army

Fr. Michael Gaitley is my guest, discussing 33 days to Morning Glory, Marian Consecration. It is the means of which to receive the gift of receptivity and from this fertile ground, Divine Mercy is more perfectly capable of filling our hearts. allhea…


The Quickest Way To Become A Saint

Listen to Fr. Michael Gaitley, Marian Priest share about Consecration to Mary and how his book "33 Days To Morning Glory" are a beautiful way to renew your consecration or perhaps even enter into Marian Consecration for the first time! In the same …


The Hemorrhaging Woman (A Play)

This is a play put on at the 1st Annual Women's Conference In Lansing Michigan. This was an awesome play to demonstrate the desire of Jesus to Heal us. Confession is like this, we can be healed if we just go to Him. The Performers a local group know…


Re-Evangelizing The Faithful to begin Year of Faith!

If there is one thing I would recommend above everything else to awaken the hunger in side of you to evangelize the world it would be to get Lighthouse Catholic Media CD's. My guest is Steve Durand of Lighthouse Catholic Media. They are launching a …


Who is Christina King?

Have you ever felt like you are worthless? Have you ever despaired and wondered why you were born? Then I encourage you to listen to my journey through sexual, physical and emotional abuse and what I discovered along the way. You and I are unique …


SEXUAL ABUSE; What is it?

Have you been sexually abused? Do you have trouble being intimate or being touched and do not know why? 3 out of 4 women have been sexually abused. What is it and what can I do to overcome the wounds that are created in our souls through our bodies …


The Devil Hides In Our Wounds

In our wounds, the devil binds himself to us. Why? Because if you are healed of them, you will change the world with your greatness. Therefore the devil makes them as ugly and painful as he can to keep you too afraid to ask God for healing. We can …