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Spiritual Commitments for Catholic Men

More than ever today Catholic men have to be consistent with their spiritual commitments and astute with their knowledge of the faith in order that they not be lost or have their families lose the faith.


A Protestant Culture Has No Standards

When a society creates rules and laws based upon what a majority of people agree on, it arrives a a situation where no real moral standards exist. This is where America and much of the western world currently finds itself.


All Hallow's Eve 2015

A popular alternative to contemporary Halloween practices is a family celebration of the actual origin of the day which is All Hallow's Eve on the eve of All Saints' Day. This group gathers annually on that day for fellowship and fun where the …


Catholic Father: Priest of His Domestic Church

During Mass this past Sunday, the Priest explained in his homily the required elements of a Catholic Church building. Every Catholic Church must have a pulpit, a confessional, and an altar. He went on to apply these elements to the domestic church …


Integrity: Requisite for Catholic Parents

We parents are the PRIMARY educators of our children, and how do people ESPECIALLY children learn? They learn by OBSERVATION. If we are saying one thing and behaving and doing something else, our children will quickly become confused.


Benefiting from the Adversity God Sends Us

Often the adversities we encounter through no fault of our own include an opportunity for learning and growing. We don't necessarily need to view them as punishments but to seek God's assistance to endure them and learn from them. This is the way …


Dads: Train Your Children to Pray

Parents have to train their children to make good choices. St. Ignatius tells us that sincere prayer influences the way we think and the decisions we make. So part of assisting our children in making good choices is training them in an effective …


Homosexual Unions-US Compromising the Truth

Be not afraid; pray and don't worry. The Catholic Church has the fullness of the Truth to guide our way of life. We should not be surprised that governments will lower standards for popular opinion.