A Eucharistic miracle in Argentina and what scientists say about it.

And so now he approves adulterers and protestants to recieve the Holy Eucharist. "Those who believe no explanation is necessary, those who do not believe no explanation will do." Seems to me someone is lacking faith.

Jesuit Supports Murdering Babies – Bishop Plays Scandal Down

So I was an alcoholic, I have been sober for years. So I would not be condemed by our Lord because I couldn't help myself? So I could have continued in my sin without consequence? Wow, I'm a fool!!!! Anyone wanna go have a beer? How these simple minded clerics are still priests is mind boggling. They are giving people peace of mind in their sin. Disgusting.
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The Second Vatican Council Is Problematic Itself – Bishop Schneider

The way they justify everything they did is using the phrase, "In the spirit of Vatican II." If everything wasn't so ambiguous we might not be in this predicament. The whole thing was a mess.
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Amazonian Synod Will Bring "Advances" Like Second Vatican Council – Cardinal Hummes

This will bring schism, although I believe there is a sort of schism now but no one wants to admit it. When are the faithful Cardinals, as few as there maybe, going to say enough is enough? This is now getting bad and unbearable. I pray that I have the intestinal fortitude to stay the course.
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Germany: Protestant Communion For "All"

Here we go. Soon all of the Catholic Church will want to adopt this un-holy practice, just as reciving the Eucharist in the hand. Holy Mother pray for us. We must all do reparation for this sacralige.
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