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Miraculous Medal

The obverse of the Miraculous Medal depicting a monogram of the Holy Name of Mary and the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, surrounded by twelve stars which represent the Twelve Apostles who in turn represent the whole Church.
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Welcome to Atlanta Bishop-Elect Ned Shlesinger!

He was still a seminarian at North American College, when we were together in the student presidium Cuor Immacolato di Maria at the Chiesa Nuova in Rome. Glorious times. We were true fighters, overcame our fear and used to do street apostolate. "… [More]
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Dr Stuart Reiss
@Don Reto Nay perhaps Marc Cardinal Oulett has some control on appointments after all? And Blaise Cupich may have been absent on the day.
Don Reto Nay
@Dr Stuart Reiss: You have a point here...
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ANGEL DOG: Dog saves newborn baby

Share this miracle. Again dogs prove to be a wonderful animals able to do miracles like this. Share this news, with that, more people will respect, value and adopt a homeless dog.
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mccallansteve: you are right!!! God bless you!!!!
This dog has more compassion then most people. The majority of people everywhere support a women when she aborts her child. How is that compassionate?
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Bishop: All Priests Must Wear the Cassock

Bishop Aristide Gonsallo (50) of Porto-Novo in Benin, West Africa, decreed on May 9th that all his priests must wear the cassock as their “only normal habit” and as a public sign that they belong to God. The cassock is compulsory during the administ…
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On Guard
Thank you, Your Excellency!! Let us all pray that all Bishops do the same. We cry because we do not have "vocations", and yet we do little to encourage them. Jayme Enos
Dr Stuart Reiss
This is also the rule in every diocese of Sri Lanka. Under Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith
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Pope Creates Five New Cardinals – One Is An Auxiliary Bishop

Pope Francis announced on Sunday the creation of five new Cardinals. They are: Archbishop Jean Zerbo of Bamako, 73, Mali. Liberal Archbishop Juan José Omella of Barcelona, 71, Spain. Liberal Bishop Anders Arborelius of Stockholm, 67, Sweden. Bishop …
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Dr Stuart Reiss
I think the next pope will make Francis look like a pussy cat......Hagan lio full steam ahead
What No Consevative Cardinals?
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Painting Icon Retreat 5 day workshop

Next Iconography workshop in Queretero, Mexico, June 5 to 9 Contact us. peace Why Icons in Egg Tempera “In all of my experience, of all the mediums and genres I have worked with, there is nothing as intimate or soul … [More]
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SSPX: Rebellion Among the Faithful in Paris

On May 10th the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) sacked eight leading priests of the French district for having signed a statement critical of the SSPX's position concerning a recognition of SSPX marriages by the Vatican. Among them was Father …
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Isabella of Spain
Well done France time to rid the SSPX of it's masonic priests.
actually tbswv that is completely not sure who told you that but that has never been the case...faculties to witness marriages are not … [More]
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Fatima Processions 13 May 2017, Crowning, Consecration. Spanish Place, London. A Day With Mary

Fatima Entry Procession 13 May 2017, Crowning, Consecration of the Parish Community, Final Procession. Celebrant Fr Christopher Colven, Rector. St James Catholic Church, Spanish Place, London. A Day With Mary, Saturday 13 May 2017. All DWM videos … [More]
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Our Lady of Fatima - Ven Bishop Fulton J Sheen

22:24 This is an extraordinary talk given by Bishop Sheen on EWTN in the 1950's. The topic is Our Lady of Fatima apparition, and other issues of the day. It contains a clip of the movie on Fatima at the end. This wonderful talk is relevant to us even 60 years later: Trust in God always.
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"The Anti-Church Is Within the Church"

Talking on May 18 at the annual “Rome Life Forum” organised by “Voice of the Family”, Fr Linus Clovis spoke about a present confrontation between the Church and an anti-Church, “It is self-evident that the Catholic Church and the anti-Church …
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One thing for sure never,has been i think, so much confusion in the church since this man became Pope
actually if you pay attention to his words fr Clovis is not giving the Pope no Positive complement ,he probably thinks the Pope is part of the problem ,not the solution
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12 quotes by John Paul II.

1. The future starts today, not tomorrow. 2. Science can purify religion from error and superstition. Religion can purify science from idolatry and false absolutes. 3. Social justice cannot be attained by violence. Violence kills what it intends to …
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Holy Cannoli
A more detailed presentation of his quotes. #6. "Man is called to a fullness of life which far exceeds the dimensions of his earthly existence, … [More]
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It’s no surprise Benedict XVI is praising Cardinal Sarah – the two enjoy a rare spiritual kinship

The Cardinal and the Pope Emeritus understand that priests and bishops have a special requirement …
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Dr Stuart Reiss
But the pope is not for sarah
Dr Stuart Reiss
Sarah for Pope
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Yes Minister — Why Britain Joined the European Union

Why Britain joined the EU explained by a civil servant to a member of parliment (from the hilarious series Yes Minister)
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Cardinal Zen, “I fight the Vatican”

Hong Kong Cardinal emeritus Joseph Zen (85) said to the “Catholic Herald” that it would be “a disaster” if the Vatican accepts an agreement with the Communist regime in Beijing. According to him the Vatican pushes for a deal “at any cost”, but “…
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Dr Stuart Reiss
I didnt know there were any!
Dr Stuart Reiss
What leaders?
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Cardinal Zen: "My fight with the Vatican"
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Dr Stuart Reiss
Thats all of Cardinal Zen.......
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Philippines: New Church of the Society of St Pius X

On May 13, Bishop Bernard Fellay, the Superior General of the Society of St Pius X, consecrated a new church in Iloilo, Philippines. The construction of the monumental church started in 2012. The church serves the Asian noviciate of the brothers of …
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Ein sehr gelungene Innenarchitektur. Und eine große Freude, daß solches auch heute noch gelingt.
Beautiful. Above the altar is a representation of the Trinitarian apparition to Sister Lucia of Fatima, at Tuy in 1929: Live the Message of Fatima! … [More]
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"Every mother is like Moses..." Pope Paul VI

Every mother is like Moses. She does not enter the promised land. She prepares a world she will not see." Pope Paul VI
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Dr Stuart Reiss
And yet she does see the world she prepares.....when she joins the company of saints in heaven, she will become present to her children ( i have a … [More]
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Contraception is always evil. Full stop.

~Fr. John Hollowell Meme by Tina Mahar
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Sir Unwin wrote in his book "Sex and Culture" (~1930) - when studying approx. 30 prechristians societies - that every culture which respected women … [More]