Cardinal Burke: Failure of the Church’s Pastors

“the Cardinal noticed a ‘failure of the Church’s pastors’ to teach the Catholic faith. Burke criticised their ‘superficial, confused or even worldly approach.’”

Pope Benedict XVI alluded to the same woeful condition in his apostolic exhortation Verbum Domini when he spoke of “generic and abstract homilies which obscure the directness of God’s word.”

When will we ever again hear the sometimes inconvenient truths of our faith preached faithfully and explicitly from the pulpit?

Cardinal Rodríguez Maradiaga loses it

Cardinal Burke directs his comments to the issues; Cardinal Maradiaga would serve himself and all of us better if he also focused on the issues. If Cardinal Burke is wrong, refute him on the issues, not with disparaging his character. But like many liberals, Cardinal Maradiaga can not make his case using the facts, so he must resort to attacking the character of the one with whom he disagrees.
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