BREAKING NEWS: Terry Barber and Jesse Romero Endorse Sober for Christ

Terry Barber and Jesse Romero from Reason's for Faith Live radio show endorse Sober for Christ. Please pass this video on and help us support this incredible ministry reaching out to those wounded … More

One Wife's Prayers and Catholic Roots Sanctifies Her Wounded Marriage

Learn how one wife's journey to help her husband's struggle with addictions was accomplished through Holy Mother Church. Watch as Laura Garcia shares her powerful witness to the fruits of the … More
Dear Laura, What a wonderful inspiration you are to all of us! Thank you for your unselfishness and courage to share your story. Johnny is so blessed… More

What Does Alcoholics Anonymous Say about Jesus?

Listen to John Garcia explain why the teachings of the twelve steps are problematic. Learn why Holy Mother Church is the answer to overcoming our bad moral habits. Find out what the Church teaches … More
@stanslem-I attained Sobriety a A/A sitting next to Catholic Priests, Protestant Ministers, the rich and the poor. The position of the Church … More
I'm Eternally grateful to A/A. Before 1935 no one gave a crap about us Alcoholics. Nobody. There is no way I would of touched the door handle of the … More

Holy Bishops Fight On!

Terry Barber and Jesse Romero share incredible stories of Catholic Bishops who are fighting the good fight for Holy Mother Church.

The Truth about Homosexuality

Terry Barber and Jesse Romero, M.A. share the truth about homosexuality.
So if anything is possible because of faith... why dont woment without ovaries cant concept babies? if she prays... if faith moves mountains,let's … More
Homosexual Ideology, Satanic Pride Written by Luiz Sérgio Solimeo… More

An Intro. to the Facts about Marijuana

Johnny Garcia from Saint Joseph Communications shares a clip from his CD on The facts about Marijuana. Thousands of these CDs have been distributed around the country to fight the war on the … More

Calling Back BLACK SHEEP DOG Home

Terry Barber (founder of Saint Joseph Communications), Jesse Romero, M.A., John W. Garcia (founder of Sober for Christ), and Eddie Chavez plead with Fr. John Corapi not to leave the priesthood.
Catholic Fratres, You are well intentioned, in your appeal to fr. Corapi, but you are failing to realize that it is the corruption of liberal and … More
Yes, let us all pray for Fr. Corapi...

Is Pornography Demonic?

John W. Garcia gives an in depth explanation why men deal with pornography in our culture today. Johnny describes in depth how demons are allowed to use our imagination against us to lead is into … More
,,, ...... ....Virtue.....That's what we need.!
This is a much needed message!!!