Abyss Between Francis and the Dutch Bishops

I went to live in the Netherlands after I was married....a long time ago....1967. I found the Mass, and the casual Sacrament of Confession - sitting at a table weird and not so wonderful. That was the era when we read of women etc. sitting around a dining room table to celebrate their version of mass. It was a very hard time on faithful clergy. But, the Church will live on...even in the '… More

Bavaria Honors The Cross – [Former] Catholic Church Condemns The Move

God bless the Bavarian Government. What strong men and women they must be. As Our Lady has said, the Church will survive by the faithful laypeople. Already we see this all around the world. It must be nerve wracking for the hierarchy - if and when they allow themselves to think for a moment, what their prospects are when they die. Those renegade Cardinals sound like left over Nazis. How many … More
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Canadian Bishops Discussed Abolishing Celibacy

The once Catholic bishops of Quebec must want to leave their occupation. They no longer like the company rules. Bon nuit gentlemen !
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Apostate Bp. Mario Grech Praises Gay Unions

Poor Malta. The lay people will have to carry the Church . Too many of the Maltese clergy are tumbling over the cliff.

Worst Profanation ever seen (Brazil)

Priest like a Circus Master....and not even a crucifix above the altar....

Final "Document" of Pre-Synod on Youth Full of Cheap Statements

I listened to a youthful audience sitting before the Pope and other a question put to him by a non-believing non-Catholic French youth. He appeared to be seeking a fulfilling response....what he got was terrible....a ramble of repeated empty phrases and remarks. Same words repeated over and over. Boring to the bone ! Pitiable.

German Cardinal Marx Celebrates Mass - with Indian-Style Dancing Ladies

So many - hierarchy included - have lost the reality of Holy Mass and what actually is happening with the Body of Christ during the Consecration.....and everything around that in the Mass which is part of the Preparation, Adoration, Thanksgiving for what He did and gave for us. Those with difficulty understanding this, or, who have forgotten and grown bored turn it into a stage performance so … More

Big Support For Arroyo, He is "still" at EWTN

We love you Raymond. Mother still loves you from above too! We are all now in a battle and we need you and your Papal Posse !
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Kurzfassung: Pontifikalamt von Kardinal Burke in Wien

Magnificent. How we love and respect His Eminence Cardinal Burke - all over the world. We will be happy when he returns to Australia. Thank you Una Voce, Austria for posting this so we can share around the world.

There is a Danger that This Year's Lent will be The Same Joke

Thank you Father Reto Nay for your encouraging words.
A very good reminder, the second one for me today. A young Armenian man in a shop told me he is fasting for Lent...

Tail end of Vigil for Life in Dublin January 19th 2013

Congratulations good Irish people for standing up against the slaughter of the innocents. God will bless Ireland abundantly. Young men and women of Ireland have a better chance than any other country at finding a good spouse when one sees how many beautiful life loving young people rallied on 19th.

"What will happen to Catholics and others . . . ?"

Yes, and this affirms my posting on your article re: former U.S. Ambassadors to the Holy See. They are backing a non Christian candidate for President who has confirmed his support for homosexual relationships etc. while rejecting a good Catholic candidate, Rick Santorum. So, can we blame the liberal judiciary for their anti-Catholic prejudices when eminent Catholics, such as those Catholic … More

Five Former Vatican Ambassadors Endorse Mitt Romney

This I cannot understand. One good Catholic candidate is running. Rick Santorum. Why do we, as Catholics, shoot ourselves in our foot - as in this case? Why are the former U.S. Ambassadors to the Holy See not supporting him? Why do they instead support a man who, perhaps may be a good person, is not even a Christian? I cannot figure that out. Such a shocking disappointment. Dear Lord, give me … More