Sickness Unimaginable

TradCatKnight: Sickness Unimaginable

Sickness Unimaginable
Bishop Williamson
In modern Popes such sickness do we find
As can’t be grasped by any healthy mind.

Vatican II Modernist Popes: Leading souls, objectively speaking,
into a soon formalized One World Religion of the New World Order

The Neo-SSPX's new flavor is
to accept 95% of the Council:
it has reduced to heresy to mere error or mistake;
it has silenced those actually following
Lefebvre's hardline position;
it is to see the Conciliar Church
as the Catholic Church;
it is to hold the VII Popes as
merely making mistakes
as opposed to them being modernists

In the Society of St Pius X’s “hot summer” of 1976, after Paul VI “suspended” Archbishop Lefebvre for ordaining 14 priests for Tradition, the clash between Pope and Catholic Tradition was so sharp that one of the two moments occurred that August when the Archbishop most seriously considered whether the See of Rome might be vacant. As can be heard from the recording of words he then spoke, he was agonizing over that clash: how possibly could a true Vicar of Christ be so destroying the Church? The Archbishop never finally adopted the sedevacantist solution, but let us see how clearly he stated the problem, and then offer once more a line of solution which he may have been too sane in mind to think of. Here is a summary of his words in August of 1976:—

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