US Cardinal, Jesus Was "Reborn in Grace” – What?

You can forgive him. He wrote this when he was heartbroken when his Italian actor "friend" left his rectory.

Portuguese Bishop Was "Misquoted" On Virginity of Our Lady

Judas was misquoted too. It was really 35 pieces of silver. Ok.

Funeral Home Bergoglio & Co.

May St Michael dig a grave for him. Amen

Francis: "No Room For Homosexuals In Seminaries" - Does He Mean It?

I will believe it, when he asks for resignations from Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops and half the Vatican staff!

On the final document, Youth Synod

Translation to English? Gibberish mumbo jumbo.

Jesuit’s Red Light Chapel Wins "Interfaith" Award

I do not see the cross of our God

Dialogue Is Bad

May God bless Archbishop Viganò!