"I tried to create a situation completely clear that there is only one Pope”

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Papa Emeritus Benedict XVI, "I have tried to create a situation in which I am absolutely inaccessible to the media and in which it is completely clear that there is only one Pope.”
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Subjectively to someone he may even be Francis. However, objectively on the basis of what has been: declared by Pope Benedict XVI on February 10-th and said 27-th of 2013; prefigured in Scripture; and decreed in Church Magisterium, he consequently remains visible pope in profoundly deluded world.
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Well since Benedict gave Cdl Brandmüller his written"Apostolic Blessing" in Nov 2017 - he seems to believe (along with a multitude) that he's still Pope.
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Maybe pope Francis will resign soon and then we, will have 3 popes 2 emeritus
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He tried yet failed. Confusion prevails.
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