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I just love all of this; Mary is beautiful and she is perfect Love.
Thank you Irapuato I will have to watch the others.

@malemp: El que es bueno para esto es "Interneto". De lo contrario, a ver si tengo tiempo, ahora que esté mi hija de vacaciones escolares.

También a Uds.

 !Gracias, Gregory! Saludos a su esposa

Has Pope Benedict XVI visited Medjugorje? Does he believe in it?
During their pilgrimage to Medjugorje in 1985, a nun and two pilgrims said they saw the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger in the village in Bosnia-Hercegovina, as reported by Journalist Jakob Marschner, of Copenhagen.
Adding credence to this report, Fr. Ante Juric, a priest from Croatia, currently pastor of St. Mary of the Assumption Croatian Catholic Parish, in San Jose, California, attested to the same news. Being familiar with … [More]

BBC documentary on Medjugorje - Part 1
The story of the thousands of Northern Irish pilgrims who flock to the controversial shrine of Medjugorje. Every year around 25,000 people from Northern Ireland travel to the unlikely destination of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the small town of Medjugorje. But sun, sand and silly souvenirs are not high on the list of priorities for them.