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The "Ecumenical Mass" Has Started

The group "Spezzare il pane" ("Breaking the Bread") in the archdiocese of Turin, Italy, has officially started with the celebration of "ecumenical masses" where Holy Communion is distributed to …
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Alta Vendita in action, the zionist jews freemasons seek the total destruction of the Catholic Church. ....
Some years ago at St. Walburge's Preston, UK. the diocesan bishop, of the time, did a deal with Granada TV to have them broadcast all manner of services and ecumenical pseudo-Masses with latter distributing Communion (?) to all and sundry in clear sacrilege. The bishop had tried to sell the iconic church to the local university; refused to let a Traditional Order take it - on the basis of a … More
The man on the picture is Cesare Nosiglia, archbishop of Turin. Have a look at his Mass. Here's what happens 1:02:55 when you don't do the right thing! Indeed, that's the wrong way and without paten.
I strongly suspect that the Holy Father's latest motu proprio will encourage the formulation of local translations of Catholic liturgical texts that will facilitate the celebration of so-called "ecumenical Masses". It pains me to add that I also suspect that this is one of his intentions in issuing the motu proprio.
This is the inevitable downward spiral into a one world church that is being led by the apostates in the Catholic Church. The ecumenical mass will welcome all, Jews, pagans, etc. One big happy family.
As I've said just previously, the 'AntiChurch' has now infiltrated the 'True Church of Christ'. It's like one Church inside of another Church. That's not our Church folks!! I believe it is (at least in the development stages) the Church of Satan. Just wait till they get their hands on Humanae Vitae! FREE PERVERTED SEX FOR EVERYONE!!
The Vatican II church in it's brazenness feels as if it doesn't even need to pretend to be Catholic anymore. It pridefully flaunts it's apostasy.
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