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Francis Expresses Condolences to the Kohl Family - Which Family?

Pope Francis expressed his condolences to the family of the late German Chancellor Helmut Kohl (+87), who died on Friday. Kohl is survived by his two sons Walter (53) and Peter (51), and his second wife Maike Richter-Kohl (52).

Kohl severed all contact with his sons and grandchildren. His elder son Walter (53) learned of his death through the radio. The last time he spoke to his father was in 2011. Since then he had not been allowed to visit him.

When Kohl's wife Hannelore committed suicide in 2001, Kohl transmitted the news to his sons through his office manager. When Kohl married his second wife, the sons were informed with a three-line telegram, but not invited to the wedding.

Picture: Helmut Kohl, © CDU, CC BY-SA, #newsKaakmbtaxd

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