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Gay Youth Synod: "Change" for the Sake of "Changing"

Father Bruno Cadoré, the Master General of the Dominicans, talked like a gay propagandist around buzzwords like “diversity”, “welcoming attitude”, “openness” and “openness to diversity” a the October 15 press conference in context of the Youth Synod.

The male Dominicans are notoriously under suspicion of being undercut by homosexuals.

According to Cadoré “we have to change” and “everything is changing”. Cadoré further claimed that “the future of the Church is openness towards change” in order “to bring about change”.

He even prophesied that “we will see this happening at the synod”.

Cadoré failed to mention that in the Church only a change for the sake of the better is welcome. But Cadoré hails "change" for the sake of promoting more decadence and more sin.

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Human nature (and sin) doesn't change. Technology, environment... some details change. But who we are? Nothing new under the sun.
Dr Bobus
I am definitely in favor of more change: Start by eliminating the picnic tables from the sanctuary, and say mass as orientem. Then begin the return to Latin liturgy and Gregorian Chant.

Fr Cadoré should be a great example of this change by saying mass every day using the Dominican Rite.

I eagerly await the beginning of this project of change.
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Anyway according to James Martin SJ (secretly LGBTQRST) they are all sinners for calling themselves (God’s) Dogs James Martin, Jesus is a sinner
All these fools are making their own church with their bum chums. Let them! And we can remain Catholic.
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