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Francis’ “Ecumenical Mass” Is Underway

Pope Francis' ecumenical Mass project [which is in reality Lutheran] has officially started in Rome. It is executed by the Roman Modernist group Comunità Cattoliche di Base which was founded by the former Benedictine abbot Giovanni Franzoni (+ 2017) who left the priesthood.

According to the blog Anonimi della Croce, Pope Francis gave to the group the go-ahead to experiment with an “ecumenical Mass”. On November 5, members of the group attended a Lutheran Last Supper service in Rome where they consumed bread and wine.

As a next step, the Lutherans will participate in the Eucharist of the group. According to Anonimi della Croce Francis plans to start from such experiments which he will later recognized and impose on everybody.

Picture: © Marko Vombergar, Aleteia, CC BY, #newsIkyqkxxifs
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So the beginning of the end is near! Thanks Pope F. for the awful state of the church! The Italians have a saying . . . "The fish stinks from the head down". That about sums it up on the state of the church! Come Lord Jesus!!!
We all know where this is headed. It stared with VII's push for an ecumenical movement. All post conciliar popes have supported it. Francis is just continuing the movement which he supports, and knows full well the plans for uniting all major religions.
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What a disgrace!
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Joseph a' Christian
Luther was a satanic blasfemer. He lied and stated that our Holy Lord was a fornicator.
Our Lord Jesus' purity saved us, cleansed us of our sins. Jesus the Holy Word teaches us, how to live holy.
Lutherans are anti-Christs, same as muslims, creatures of the devil.
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