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Jesuit Claims "Homophobia" One of the "Principal Sins of the Church"

The American homosexualist, Jesuit James Martin, claims in a polemical interview with the homosexualist Italian La Repubblica, that "homophobia" is today "one of the principal sins of the Church." For him, the parable of Zacchaeus (Lk 19, 1-10) shows how Christ would have accepted homosexualists. Martin suppresses though the fact, that Zacchaeus promises a radical conversion.

For Martin homosexualists are now the "most marginalized group in the Catholic Church". He even claimed that the Church sometimes is like a fortress designed to keep them out."

In reality such ecclesiastical behaviour is today exclusively reserved for those faithful and priests, who hold up the Catholic faith and doctrine.

Picture: James Martin, © Shawn, Flickr, CC BY-NC, #newsKxxfgmkbol

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GodsCowboy: God calls homosexual acts an abomination because the Bible is the Word of God. The Bible is inerrant. The Doctrine of the Faith also condemns homosexual acts. The Doctrine of the faith is revealed truth and is protected by the Holy Spirit (= GOD). They are GOD's laws.
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Could someone tell me why GOD would call homosexuality an abomination.
--------Then we would decide GOD'S wrong.
--------Homosexuality should be okay.

Who are we to change GOD'S LAWS? If we change one law why not all of them. Lets get rid of the Ten Commandments and write some new ones we like better. Lets forget about trusting and obeying GOD. We know better than HIM. Sounds like … More
To be afraid of something is not a sin! Lol, but Catholics are not afraid of Homosexuals though. We are against the sin of sodomy and perverse sexual acts. Because of this, people like this priest label us Homophobic.
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The last report on the abuse by priests to the USCCB indicates as the first report that the Church had and has a homosexual problem, and to a lesser degree pedophile. Why wouldn't any one be homophobic?
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Who is his Bishop? Where is he to crush this 'wolf in sheep's clothing'?
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Martin, is a perfect example of a wolf in sheep's clothing, his one sick soul possessed by Jezebel the demon of lust..
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This sodomite is not Catholic, not Christian and a believer in nothing but homosexuality. He is trying so hard to cram this stuff down our throats so we can alleviate his guilt and tell him he's okay. Well, he's not okay and the Bible, the Catholic Faith, Catechism, etc. have condemned the sin of sodom. Remember, Sodomy is one of the four sins that cry to God for vengeance.
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