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Assad Government is "Golden Era For Christians"

The Christians return to Syria, liberated by Russia, but not to U.S. controlled Iraq, William Murray writes in, "Christians in the Middle East are voting with their feet for the secular government of President Assad in Syria." This year, more than 600,000 Syrians, both Christians and Muslims, returned to their homes as the U.S. and Saudi Arabia-supported jihadist groups have been defeated. Unlike Iraq and other majority Muslim nations, Syria has a secular constitution. Shariah law is not enforced as the law of the land. Christian religious leaders in Syria call the several decades of rule by the Assad family a "golden era for Christians."

Many Syrian Christians worry that once Assad is gone, they will face the same fate as Iraqi Christians suffered after Saddam Hussein's fall.

In Iraq, the Western regimes have established a country where Islam is the official religion of the State. No law contradicting the provisions of Islam may be established. Muslims are forbidden to convert to Christianity, "blasphemy against Islam" is a crime, and no child can have a name on the birth certificate that does not appear in the Quran. Many Christian children in Iraq are named Joseph or Mary because those two names do appear in the Quran. Iraqi Christians have faced persecution since the U.S.-led invasion against Saddam Hussein in 2003.

Picture: Bashar al-Assad, ©, CC BY, #newsHfbanifhgu

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I am an American and I am very sad my government is responsible for many Christian deaths. God will have His justice! I just pray when America is punished I go quickly.
If the US had been successful in destroying Assad, Christian blood would have flowed freely as it has in Iraq. Tell me again how great America is. Thank God Russia stopped the ugly Americans from killing more Christians.
Yes. It is TRUE.
Under Mr. Asad ruling Christians were respected citizens.
Same about Jews.
Unfortunately, Israel's option is to destroy Liban, Syria and Iran.
It is why USA/France/Great Britain and their allies invaded Syria.
God bless president Asad !

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