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Francis In Wonderland: "Full" Harmony Is Required To Contract Marriage Validly

Pope Francis spoke on January 29 to the Rota Romana, the highest appellate tribunal of the Church, about marriage (January 29).

In his address he made the following almost absurd claim,

“So as to be validly contracted, marriage requires of each of the betrothed a full unity and harmony with the other, so that, through the mutual exchange of their respective human, moral and spiritual riches – almost by way of communicating vessels – the two spouses become a single entity.”

The tactic behind this hyperbolic statement seems obvious: Francis extolls requirements for marriage in a way that every marriage is doomed to fail.

Bai Macfarlane puts it on like this, “If the bride feels she is not experiencing harmony and spiritual riches from the other, to her satisfaction, then she can argue her marriage is invalid.”

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alex j
Is Francis a fan of Dean Martin?- Memories are Made of This.
De Profundis
"All persecutors of the Church are no more, but the Church lives on. The same fate awaits modern persecutors; they, too, will pass on, but the Church of Jesus Christ will always remain, for God has pledged His Word to protect Her and be with Her forever." St John Bosco.
This is why there is no Catholic Church: when Jesus tried to marry His people, they wanted Him dead. No harmony, no Church for Him to validly marry.
As we all labour under the effects of original sin there cannot be a "full unity and harmony with the other". Man is not even in full unity and harmony with himself!
The Catholic Church teaches her children the truth about valid marriage. This man teaches falsehood.
He ain't no Catholic, commie kabbalist, that's all he is
What is a marriage wrecking ball?
Are you playing Jeopardy, taking Franccis' comments as an answer and asking a suitable question?
Mitis Iudex? etc. etc.
So all that invalidity needs is a feeling, not the facts of the marriage contract? The usual wicked manipulation.
By saying the marriage is invalid ,is go give more freedom to commit adultery without penalty
Full unity and harmony...

Let's just say my husband and I are working on it. As Fr. Francis Martin said in our marriage preparation meeting nearly 25 years ago, "Never forget, you WANT to love each other." Sadly, many couples stop believing this. That doesn't amount to an invalid marriage.

Probably the disappointment in realizing marriages (with two imperfect human beings) isn't … More