Novena - Oremus

Novena in Honor of St. Teresa of Avila - Oct 6-14

O God, Thy crowning glory is the glory of Thy saints.
Help us to follow the example of Thy loyal spouse Teresa and grant unto us,
we beseech Thee, the same gifts which Thou so deemed to lavish upon her.
Grant us Wisdom! Grant us Perseverance! Grant us Knowledge! Grant us Piety!
Grant us Joy in Prayer! Grant us Love!
O Holy Spirit, just as it pleased Thee to set her being ablaze in Zeal for Thee,
so too, let Thy burning fire fall upon us and confirm us in our Faith.

Mention your intentions…….

O St. Teresa thou art our sister and our mother.
Just as thou reformed the Order of Carmel, so too,
reform our secularized, modernized, paganized culture and society.
And just as thou led thy sisters through this life and into the Beatific Vision;
so too, guide us – the Church Militant – in our Battle on earth and into Eternal Glory.
O St. Teresa, help us to truly grasp the meaning of and live the words:
“God Alone Sufficeth.” Amen.

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