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Is This "Renewal"? Hundreds of Religious Orders on Their Deathbed

300 of the 420 institutes of sisters and nuns in the USA will die out within the next ten years according to the US bishops’ (October 19).

Since the end of Second Vatican Council in 1965, the number of American sisters dropped by 75%. Nevertheless, Vatican II is still invoked by many liberals as the beginning of a "great renewal".

In 1965 there were over 180'000 sisters in America. Now they are less than 45'000 of which three quarters are older than 70.

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsTggdhjazhk
Don Reto Nay
@eticacasanova : While studying theology I was time and again exposed to this: On one side, I was told that the downfall after the Council had nothing to do with the Council and was all a big "misunderstanding", but then, whenever the next nail was hammered into the coffin of the Church, the same people (bishops, cardinals and popes included) were telling us that those who did not agree where "… More
Francis is trying hard with 'Cor Orans' to destroy Orders who avoided the disasters of V2. Outside California the autodemolition of Orders followed directly from changes made after it. The defective Office and Mass went beyond what V2 envisaged, but the radical altar smashing reading of the Council was almost completely prevalent. Who does a Latin ad orientem NOM outside the Oratorians and some … More
Take this example: the Inmaculate Heart congregation, un Montecito, California. It was destroyed in the 60's, and many nuns ended up being lesbian lovers of one another. Because they took Carl Rogers' T-group, especially designed as sexuallising revolutionary weapon... Was it the Conucil? NO!!!!!!!!! It was mere stupidity. The Council, nevertheless, was the OCCASION, but not by itself, but … More
There are three younger women in the picture: all of them are black...