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Humanae Vitae's Prophecies of Doom Have Come Through

The predictions made by Pope Paul VI in the encyclical Humanae Vitae have come true according to New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan, reports

Speaking at a meeting of the U.S. Bishops, Dolan noticed a "widespread contraceptive mentality” leading to marital infidelity and a general lowering of moral standards. Persons are used for the satisfaction of others and discarded when they no longer bring pleasure, Dolan pointed out.

He relates contraception to domestic violence, human trafficking, pornography, sexual harassment, assault, abuse, and the general demeaning of women. Strange enough Dolan did not notice the most damaging effect of contraception in the Church: the disappearance of Catholic children.

Picture: Timothy Dolan, © Tom Hannigan, CC BY-SA, #newsSmwljtkeqv
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Dolan's answer is political, it just happens to be true. This is good news, in my mind. It's calculated, which means he believes it is a winning response. This is better than good news. Does anyone disagree? I mean, besides the fact that his right answer is not as a shepherd and teacher but as a calculated politician, what he is bringing attention to is true.
Joseph a' Christian
Dolan has decimated the former Catholic School fortress, that was lovingly built through the years by many faithful here in new york.
In the case of St. Theresa School of briarcliff, n.y. - the parishioners of this wealthy community offered to pay ALL expenses when Dolan put St. Theresa School on his closure list. Dolan refused the parishioners offer and closed their school.
Dolan has closed … More
Check out Churchmilitant reports on Dolan and his archdiocese. I wonder did he mention the connection between contraception and the social acceptance of homosexual acts?
AMEN. THIS is the kind of "united message" I want to see from our U.S. bishops.