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Francis Attracts Only Very Small Crowd For Youth Meeting

Pope Francis met on January 17, during his journey in Chile, young people at the National Shrine of Maipu.

He asked them to help the Church “to be more faithful to the Gospel” although Francis himself contradicts the Gospel by allowing married spouses to live in second liaisons.

Aerial views of the event show that only a small crowd of young people was interested in meeting Francis.

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Dr. Reiss, What is going on here?! I am Catholic, not suppose to say anything bad about our POPE, right? I pray for him daily. Airplane marriages? What else can we do besides prayer? Truly? I am from America.
Is this true?!! So are others feeling the same way about our POPE? Prayers for POPE Francis!! Please pray continuously as we may not know what he is up against...
What? No make out tents? And I don't see any booze bottles laying about but I'll wager that there's plenty of "hosts" being trampled underfoot. Ah, yes, those fun-loving yuts. 🤯
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Jim Dorchak
@Tesa Well if they wanted to go hear from an Old Communist all they had to do was go to School, and nobody wants to go to school!
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Jim Dorchak
I live in Chile................ Pope Who?
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Obviously nothing like the numbers they had planned for logistically given the size of the corrals
De Profundis
Hilary White knows that Vatican communications employees obliged to translate often have to work very hard to turn his incomprehensible blither into whole meaningful sentences. He doesn't speak in grammarwords. He often just "emotes" using single words repeated & interspersed with "eh?"
Prior to the 'reform' of Vatican Media, the Vatican would upload Papal events to YouTube in full and unedited, immediately. The problem with this was it showed the small crowds. Now the Vatican uploads edited versions hours later.
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Those are long shadows. If it's a "sunrise event" it wasn't terribly well planned. If it's a "sunset event" for youth, this is the worst news, indeed. ...And what's with the empty street? Would they block it off?
All Churchmen from Cardinal to Priest should speak in the light and proclaim on housetops: "Pray for Pope Benedict XVI, the true pope!" Otherwise each shepherd will be responsible for each sheep whose young soul is lead astray by the man who broke Commandments, Dogmas and continuity of Magisterium, also out of true mercy for his soul. "Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill … More
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"Such a success", he must think, exactly what he wants: destroying the Church. His EGO, in capital letters, for it's so big, must be unconfortable, but he is satisfied: the demolition has been a triumph.........
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Those youth, who believe in Catholic doctrine, are discouraged by Francis and have no reason to meet him.
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Unimaginable picture in times of St John Paul II or Benedict XVI