One of the Suspended Vatican Collaborators Was Good At Collecting Compromising Documents

The October 1 raid in the third floor of the Secretariat of State in the Apostolic Palace was performed by eight Vatican riot policemen, L'Osservatore Marziano writes on (October 8).

However, this part of the Vatican is under the jurisdiction of the Swiss Guard. Therefore, the employees refused to take orders and called the Swiss Guard which seemingly hadn't noticed that the Apostolic Palace had just been stormed.

L'Osservatore Marziano also knows that one of the suspended collaborators was good at collecting compromising documents, and that the two investigative journalists Nuzzi and Fittipaldi have announced the publication of new revelations.

The situation can be compared to the 2012 Vatileaks scandal that led to Benedict XVI’s resignation, L'Osservatore Marziano writes asking, “Is now something similar going on?”

Picture: © Mikhail Malykh, CC BY-SA, #newsDdrllphvqt