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Vatican Prevented A Future For Mariawald Abbey

The German Kölner Stadtanzeiger (January 23) has published more information on the imminent shutdown of the Old-Rite Trappist Abbey Mariawald, Germany.

During the last weeks, the ten monks of Mariawald discussed the future of their monastery with Dom Bernardus Peeters of Konigshoeven Abbey in the Netherlands who is the direct superior of Mariawald.

They agreed that the monastery would be formally closed and the monks would be attached to Oelenberg Abbey in Alsace, France, while being allowed to stay in Mariawald and continue their life according to the Old-Rite usage. The Trappist order agreed to this solution and would even have Mariawald to accept novices and to grow as community of the Old Rite. But the Vatican Congregation for Religious Orders, headed by the Modernist João Bráz de Aviz, opposed the agreement.

Last week Dom Bernardus informed the monks that the abbey will be closed down.

Picture: João Bráz de Aviz, © Agência Senado, CC BY, #newsXkkdisyfhc
The modernist infiltration is coming to a head.

Hello. Yes, but slyly & with stealth they've each (since 1958 or so) been slowly unpicking & unraveling the true Dogmas of the RC Church, with each Pope creating a kind of showman persona (not Benedict) which claimed attention & took people's minds of the facts that demolition was taking place, not only in the Liturgy, but in schools, colleges, Homes, & further afield in Governments … More
@CarolineA03 - As you know a standing pope cannot supercede the living tradition of the Roman Church with novelities and innovations. Popes and bishops overstep their authority by using their office to suppress traditional orders. I fear the SSPX will fall into this trap once the Vatican puts their "stamp of approval" on their organization.
This enforced closure of all the Tridentine Rite Monasteries is not likely to be pleasing to Goneither is it ever going to be permissable by Law.

Those people in Rome who are forcing such Monasteries, Abbey's Churches to close without compassion, are doing so in direct disobedience to a pronouncement formally decreed none-changeable. The fact that you paint over these types of binding Documents,… More