German Bishop Requires Church to Accept Homosexual Fornication

The Church must "develop“ [change] her moral teaching on [homo]sexuality, Franz-Josef Overbeck, the bishop of the dying Essen diocese, Germany, claimed.

According to his diocesan webpage (November 19) Overbeck asked the Church to explain what meaning "[allegedly] scientific findings" about homosexuality and "gender studies" have for Catholic theology and what in Catholic morals is "no longer valid."

Using innuendo language, Overbeck called [on the Church] to "stop discriminating" homosexuals in any way. In reality, the Catholic Church is one of the few institutions interested in rescuing homosexuals from a lifestyle leading them to contagious diseases and hell.

Picture: Franz-Josef Overbeck, © ACBahn, wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsWcvxanxcot
Dr Bobus
Eighty years ago Germans decided Catholic morality concerning mass extermination camps was no longer valid.
alex j
You poor, poor soul! You clearly don't accept God's plan for man starting with One man, One woman!!! Nor do you understand the difference between love and passion. How in the name of everything holy, do you continue to be a Catholic Bishop????? resign now ! before you inflict more damage on your flock!!!!!
They hate God.
we will resist reject refuse evil idiologies
T'is a queer story often told.
That idols make the head a mold.
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The church will formally bless same-sex marriage unions, married priests & women priests soon!
Scientific Facts: Men are not women, women are not men. There are only two genders. Humans can only reproduce humans. A unique, individual human life begins at conception.
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He's in the wrong place then...
Christ's Law governs the Roman Catholic Church. I have no objection to him resigning (along with the rest of his associates) to go and make himself "bishop" of some OTHER community.
Just don't pretend Christ is Lucifer - His wrath at your foul pretence will condemn you.
Lord Jesus save your people from these criminal fakes.