Polish Auxiliary Bishop Elect Retires Before Being Consecrated

Father Franciszek Ślusarczyk, 60, will not be ordained a bishop.

On December 3, Pope Francis named him an Auxiliary Bishop of Krakow. But on December 12, Ślusarczyk decided "after reflexion and prayer" to hand in his early resignation.

Ślusarczyk was since 2014 the rector of the Divine Mercy Sanctuary in Kraków-Łagiewniki, a hideous building that looks like a nuclear power plant.

The reasons behind Ślusarczyk’s decision are unknown. He is described as an excellent, modest, hardworking and kind pastor. It is possible that, shy by nature, he was overwhelmed by the public attention he suddenly received.

Picture: Franciszek Ślusarczyk, #newsPauwntkluq