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Resigned Father Calls Accusations “Untrue”

Father Hermann Geissler, a now former capo ufficio at the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has declared that accusations made against him are "untrue”, according to a notice published by the Congregation.

Geissler was accused of propositioning former Sister Doris Wagner during a confession in 2009. Both belonged to the same Institute "Das Werk".

Now, Geissler has asked that a canonical process already initiated continue and reserves the right for civil legal action.

Wagner is angry that the veracity of her accusation is disputed. She provided the anti-Catholic with a 2014 letter from her canon lawyer containing a summary of the Congregation's response which stated:

“Because of his imprudent gestures on two occasions, that [Geissler] admitted and for which he asked pardon, he was admonished and, in addition, he was instructed to be vigilant and prudent in the future.”

However, when the matter was investigated six years ago by then Monsignor Charles Scicluna and the result was in favor of Father Geissler, writes

Doris Wagner is now married and goes by the name Reisinger. Her husband is a former priest who seemingly also used to belong to "Das Werk".

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