Francis: Homosexuals Cannot Enter Seminary

If bishops’ have “the slightest doubt” that a young man is homosexual, it’s “better” not to let him enter the seminary, Pope Francis said in a closed door meeting with the Italian bishops. According …
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This statement of antipope F1 doesn't contradict the bergoglian notion of: "God made you homosexual and He loves you as such".
The satanic logic of this man is outrageous.
I recall the truth of homosexuality as a spiritual disease: vide St. Peter Damian:…/Petrus+Damianus…
This is all part and parcel of Bergoglio's M.O. He thinks we haven't caught on to his 'GAME'.
GJA Taylor
The people in charge of the seminaries in the eighties onwards in Scotland? Ireland? Are you having a laugh?
It seems, they only let them enter if their homosexuality is certain
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Peronist standard operating procedure, confusion as policy.
Hmm. I'm very suspicious of this. Whether Pope Francis said this (and actually means it) is one thing, but the fact is, that homosexuals are still going through the seminaries. I had evidence of one man from my diocese, who had a history on his Facebook page of being heavily involved in 'LGBT' organisations and committees, and also 'liking' clubs which, upon Googling, turned out to be 'gay' … More
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Well orchestrated sounds of schizophrenia for mass deception?
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Jim Dorchak
All this is about is putting doubt in his BORN THAT way statement. Confuse and abuse and then push through the liberal agenda.
"God made you this way and I am ok with that".... REALLY?
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He needs to clean out the 50% that are already there first.
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