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Gänswein: Benedict XVI Sees Francis "as Someone Who Strengthens the Faith"

Archbishop Georg Gänswein told Rome Reports on June 15, that Benedict XVI is always in contact with Pope Francis.

He added, "Pope Benedict sees in Pope Francis a man of his time, a true witness to the Lord, one who succeeds in building up the faith of people with courage, even at times with methods which can be considered less than traditional. Nevertheless, this is his style - and everyone has his own - this is the style of Pope Francis, which is much appreciated by Pope Benedict.”

Picture: Benedict XVI., © Mazur,, CC BY-NC, #newsAswkatfvrz

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Once a friend posted a picture on Facebook with the single word "faith". I asked "faith in what?" to which she replied "Faith in Super Squirrels, of course."
It is obvious that all proponents of the Vaticanum II council are civil libertarian humanists...
They follow the principle of human freedom of will, independently of God's will.
It is the same principle that led to the banishment from Paradise.
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Dr Stuart Reiss Pope Benedict XVI continues to excuse his "partial" (attivo) abdication by covering up its aftermath and the present crisis or the ever-present (Kapitan Abp.) Georg Ganswein looks (and speaks) closely on. Prost mein Kapitan!
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