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German Cardinal: Ramadan As a Pretext to Praise the EU

Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx, the president of the German Bishops, has greeted the Muslims for the beginning of Ramadan. In a short introduction he mentions Ramadan, "May the merciful God accept your fasting and listen to your prayers!" The rest of the letter sings the praises of the European Union, "We all wish that future generations in Europe will also be able to enjoy the fruits of this progress of civilization." The EU has imposed a German hegemony over the rest of Europe and led Southern Europe into an unprecedented financial crisis. It is also promoting radical anti-family and pro-gay programs.

Picture: Reinhard Marx, © JouWatch, CC BY-SA, #newsQjayzmfavd
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What a disgrace on the United Nations governors and the Vatican...! God will hold judgment against them.

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A perfect example of why I refuse to pray for the intentions of Pope Francis, but pray every day for his conversion to the Catholic faith.