The 2018 Met Gala and Catholic Culture

Rihanna at the Met Gala

This article was very helpful for me to read regarding the Met Gala that so many are discussing (and I have not followed very closely)...

Ross Douthat wrote in the New York Times, in essence, that Catholicism is not to offer itself as a chaplaincy within modern liberalism but to be "a full alternative culture in its own right”.

I think we have moved far away from the notion of our faith presenting "a full alternative culture" and mistakenly think of that notion as prideful and "holier than thou" as my dearly loved Aunt Sal used to say.

I think it would be a disservice and cause serious confusion for our kids if we don't acknowledge our faith as "a full alternative culture".

It's kind of silly, and the wrong reaction, to be offended by the attendees of this gala. Let them "do their thing." If you are a person of faith, do your best by showing it, living a counter-culture in peace, in joy, and in charity.