Dirty Secrets: Court Hides “Evidence” Against Cardinal Pell From Public Scrutiny

The Victoria Court of Appeal, Australia, has refused to provide The Australian with the transcript of the cross-examination of the [bogus] complainant against Martyr Cardinal George Pell, according to the newspaper (June 28).

The court said that documents filed in proceedings were not available for inspection “unless directed by the court.”

The [false] victim who acted under the cover of anonymity, was cross-examined in a secret court session for hours by the Cardinal’s lawyer. His "evidence" that is kept secret, was crucial to Pell's jury conviction.

Cardinal Pell is now held in solitary confinement, a form of torture, in a Melbourne jail for 23 hours a day.

Picture: George Pell, #newsIbfxmyqvyo
A whole new meaning for "Down Under"...
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@Lalanz It's not just that, meanwhile that Bergoglio guy exercises his influence in Argentina, so a publicly proven abuser skips the country qnd goes back to the Vatican
Why is the Pope and Vatican silent about this man???